How to get to the GR10 and back

Travel to and from shorter sections of the GR10 are available on the pages where those sections are discussed. This page contains general information about (public) transportation in, from, and to the GR10 in the French Pyrenees. I will tell you how to get to Hendaye and from Banyuls-sur-mer, the start and finish of the GR10.

Cars are the main mode of transportation used by the French, and therefore the most effective within France. If you travel by car, use the navigation app you have on your phone. The rest of this page is about public transportation in the Pyrenees. If you travel by car and do all or a section of the GR10, you still need to travel back to your car, probably using public transportation.

Public transportation in the Pyrenees

Public transportation around the GR10 is okay as long as you can use trains. Good planning is required for smaller towns that only have bus connections. For some sections of the GR10, there is just one connection per day or less. The busses and trains are air conditioned and have comfortable seats.
Consider hitchhiking for short sections if you feel okay to do so, because it can save time.

Getting to Hendaye, the start of the GR10

Getting to the start of the GR10 in Hendaye is easy.

From the North

There are direct train connections from Paris (for about €140 with TGV) multiple times a day and from Bordeaux (for €50 with TER) about twice per day. Booking online or making reservations is possible, but not necessary, especially not for the TER.

From the South

From San Sebastián takes about 1 hour for €15 by train. It takes about five hours to get from Bilbao to Hendaye by train, and about two hours by bus, both for about €25. From Zaragoza it takes about 5 hours and costs €60.

Leaving Banyuls-sur-mer, the end of the GR10

Banyuls-sur-mer also has a train station, so transportation is again easy.

To the North

You can take a train to Perpignan from Banyuls-sur-mer, and then take the TGV to Paris for about €170. To Toulouse you can take a direct TER for €45 which leaves twice per day. Montpellier is also served by TER for €40 and once per day.

To the South

First take a train to Perpignan, North of Banyuls-sur-mer. From there, you can take the TGV or the AVE to Barcelona.

Getting from Banyuls-sur-mer back to Hendaye

In case you parked your car in Hendaye, you can travel back by train in about 9 hours, including all 4 transfers, for a total of about €100. From Banyuls-sur-mer go to Narbonne (1 hour ride, hourly), then to Toulouse-Matabiau (1 hour ride, hourly), then to Bayonne (4 hour ride, every 4 hours), and finally to Hendaye-Plage (30 minutes, hourly).