Responsible eating on the GR10

Along the GR10 trail, you can find lots of delicious fruits! Especially in late season, you can find wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries! See picture on the right for blueberries that were picked on the GR10. Eating ripe fruits, straight from the plant after having exhausted yourself on the trail ... fruit cannot be more fresh.

Healthy, vegetarian and vegan food on the GR10

Traditionally, meats are a cornerstone of French dinners, and dary is used for breakfast and lunch. For those who want to avoid eating animals on the GR10, here are some tips:

  • Many hostels offer "demi pension", which means dinner is included. "Pas de gestion" means that you cannot choose from a menu, but can only get that day's dish, which usually includes meat. You can still ask beforehand if they can leave out certain ingredients, but depending on the venue and the planned dish, they may refuse. Be sure to explain what vegetarian/vegan means. We were served fish, which was considered a vegetable...
  • At most grocery stores in supply towns, you can get soy-based yogurts in various flavors (including blueberry and coffee!). You can also get various nuts. Together with (wholegrain) baguettes, you have healthy, varied protein sources. I also like to get bean cans to eat from, like lentils, kidneybeans, or chickpeas.
  • A personal favorite of mine is to slice open a baguette, place strips of a pure-chocolate bar inside and have a chocolate sandwich.
  • Here is a list of venues on the GR10 that are vegetarian/vegan friendly: Please send me a message if you know of any other venues on the GR10 that explicitly cater for vegetarians and vegans!